We have a lot of incredible talent on Sidekicker - including you! But when you are competing with other exceptional workers, there will be times where your applications won't be successful.

This article covers our top tips on how to stand out against other applicants and improve your chances of being hired.

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Enable push notifications

Having push notifications enabled on the Sidekicker app ensures you are notified instantly when new work comes available. Often businesses are looking to fill their jobs quickly and will select their Sidekicks on a first-in, best-dressed basis.

Bonus tip: To ensure you are only notified about relevant jobs, we recommend updating your job preferences on Sidekicker.

Accept auto-hire jobs

Keep an eye out for jobs with a lightning-bolt symbol ⚡ on them - these are auto-hire jobs! Instead of submitting an application, you can "Accept" these jobs and be instantly hired. You can read more about auto-hire jobs here.

Bonus tip: If you are new to Sidekicker and are having trouble securing your first shift, auto-hire jobs are a great way to overcome this hurdle. Once you have completed your first shift and earned a 5* review from the business, it will be easier to secure your next job on the platform!

Write stand-out application statements

Your application statement is key! It is your first and best opportunity to sell yourself to the business and stand out from other applicants.

Here are our tips for writing an awesome application statement:

  • Length: Keep it short and snappy. 3-4 sentences is usually a good length.

  • Be specific: Reference specific aspects of the job in your application to show that you have read and understood the requirements, and are genuinely excited about working with the business. This could include the type of event being advertised (like a wedding or sporting event), the skills they have outlined (e.g. requires 3-plate carry) or any connection you have to the company, brand or product.

  • Show your personality: If you are applying for an events, promotions or retail role, it is particularly important to talk about your personality and what makes it great! Highlight your customer service experience, attention to detail and ability to work in a team.

Example job:

Example application statement:

Have an impressive Sidekicker profile

Your profile is visible to businesses when you apply for a job with them, and therefore plays a big part in supporting your application statement.

Here are our tips for setting up a rockstar Sidekicker profile:

  • Make sure your bio stands out! It should act as a cover letter of sorts; summarising your experience and letting your personality shine through. Use dot points where possible (to make it easy to read), and check over your spelling and grammar.

  • Add an extensive list of work experience to your profile. Businesses do not have access to your CV but they are interested in knowing who you have worked for previously, how long you worked there and what your duties were, so be sure to let them know! We recommend adding at least one experience item for every category you want to work in.

  • Make a great first impression with a professional profile photo. See here for our profile photo requirements and instructions on how to get yours updated.

Still having trouble landing your next job?

  • Try applying for less obvious jobs. An events job working with a well known company which is centrally located, occurring on a weekend and paying at a high rate is going to have a lot more applications than a shorter shift with a smaller business located outside of the city centre. When the competition is lower, the likelihood of being hired is much higher!

  • Reach out to our team to find out if you can access more work through completing additional inductions or uploading certain certificates to your Sidekicker profile

  • Or, just reach out to our team for tips in general - we are always happy to help! You can reach us via the blue chat bubble on Sidekicker. We are available 24/7

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