Do you only want to be notified about jobs located nearby, or that fit in with your busy schedule? No problem - just update your job preferences on the Sidekicker app!

How to update your preferences:

Log in to your account on the Sidekicker app, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then select the 'Job Preferences' option.

Updating your availability

Updating your availability determines what jobs you receive notifications for but not what jobs appear on your jobs dashboard - this is so that if your availability changes, you won't be blocked from seeing jobs you are actually available for.

To update your availability;

  1. Click on the day you would like to set your availability for

  2. From the pop up, select the shift times which you wish to receive notifications for

Updating your location

Updating your location preferences determines what jobs you receive notifications for and what jobs appear on your jobs dashboard.

To update your location preferences;

  1. Set your location under the "Where I want to work" section. This can be your home, where you go to university, the city centre -- it's up to you!

  2. Use the sliding bar to set your radius


Will I still be able to see jobs outside of my availability?

Yes! Even though you won't receive notifications, you can still see these on the app, just in case you are available. Don't worry, shifts within your availability will be at the top of your open jobs list, so you won't have to sift through jobs. 

What if my preferred address is different to my residential address?

Not a worry, the jobs you see will be based off your location preferences. So, you can leave your residential address for important things, like receiving mail, and we can tailor the jobs you see to the places you actually want to work.

Can I change my location/availability preferences back?

Your preferences are entirely in your hands! Any time you have changes to your availability, or want to access more jobs and are willing and able to travel, you are free to update your preferences.

Why am I seeing jobs outside of my radius?

Sometimes jobs which are slightly outside your preferences may find their way onto your dashboard. This should only happen for jobs which are almost inside your radius. If you are concerned about this, feel free to play around and make your radius smaller -- you're able to customise your preferences as you choose!

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