This article will walk you through the process of taking an amazing profile photo and getting it uploaded to your Sidekicker account!

Why do I need a profile photo?

Your profile photo is a crucial part of your profile. Not only does it show clients a bit of your personality, but it also gives them confidence that the person who shows up to work is the person they actually hired. Additionally, if you do an incredible job and the client wants to hire you again, having a profile picture makes it easier for them to recognise your profile in future.

Is there any criteria my profile photo needs to meet?

Your profile photo will need to meet a set of criteria to help you make a professional first impression with clients straight off the bat! Your photo also needs to be formatted correctly for it to be compatible with our platform.

Photo criteria:

  • Smiling

  • Clear, not blurry

  • Cropped to square and right orientation (face-on, head-shot)

  • Plain or brick background

  • No facial piercings or visible tattoos

  • Neat hair and facial hair
    Hospitality: Hair up or off shoulders

  • Appropriately dressed
    Hospitality: White button up shirt
    Manual labour & warehousing: High-vis vest
    Administration, promotions and/or events: Business casual attire

Formatting requirements:

Once you've taken an amazing picture that meets the above criteria, you'll need to get it formatted correctly.

An easy way to get the formatting right is by using the Passport Photo Generator app, which is free and available for both IOS and android.

How do I upload my new profile picture?

The best way to get your new profile picture uploaded to your profile is by sending it directly to us. You can send it by email to [email protected], or via the blue chat bubble - just click on the little paperclip in the bottom right hand corner to attach your photo.

What happens next?

So long as your photo meets the above criteria and formatting requirements, our team will gladly upload it to your profile. If your photo cannot be accepted, we will of course let you know.

Still have questions?

Let us know - we’re here to help! Just get in touch via the blue chat bubble and our Support Team will get back to you as soon as they can.

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