How do I update my RN/RNIC/EN Certificates?
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If you have an active Sidekicker profile but suddenly can't see shifts when you log into your app, this is most likely because one (or more!) of your certificates have expired.

Here is a quick overview of the certificates you need to keep up to date. More detail on each certificate is included below.

Please check the "Optional Certificates" drop down menu to make sure you are ready to work on as many jobs as possible.


Expiration time

Quick link

Annually on 31st May



Annually on 31st May

Previously, these chemists have offered online bookings:

Every 3 months (for Bridging visa)

Every 3 years

As the Government updates the requirements

As of May 2022, third dose ('booster') is required

Every 5 years

AHPRA Number

You will need to provide a current AHRPA registration number, which our team will check against the online portal to assure you are still actively registered to AHPRA.

Statement of Service

To help us confirm your work experience, we require proof of hours from an employee in the form of a Statement of Service.

For each role there are slightly different requirements.
For an EN, and RN we require proof of 6 months (988 hours) of FTE in the required role. At an Aged Care facility, or Hospital. If you have experience at both please provide the experience at the Aged Care facility.

For an RNIC we require proof of at least 6 months in an "in-charge" role, and ideally 2 years of further experience.

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene performed at critical points during patient contact is essential to prevent the onward spread of disease and to limit environmental contamination. It is recommended by the National Hand Hygiene Initiative (NHHI) that hand hygiene is refreshed annually. You can refresh your Hand Hygiene certificate online via the NHHI free portal here. Please complete the course relevant to your level of experience:

  • Student nurses: please complete the "Student Health Practitioners Online Learning Module" course

  • AIN/PCA: please complete the "Allied Health Online Learning Module" course

Once you have completed your course you will receive a certificate of completion from the NHHI. Please upload this PDF to your Sidekicker profile.

Flu (influenza) vaccination

You can book your annual flu shot at most pharmacies in Australia (e.g. Terry White Chemmart, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline etc.).

Proof of your current flu shot may include either the signed paperwork from the pharmacist given to you at the time of your vaccination, or your immunisation history statement (see COVID-19 link above). Please submit proof of your flu vaccination by uploading it to your profile.

Right to Work

All Sidekicks must complete an online Right to Work Check. To verify your right to work, you’ll need either your passport, citizenship certificate, or Australian visa.

  1. Go to IMMI page

  2. Upload right to work documentation for verification

  3. Download the VEVO document and upload it to your profile, or send it to [email protected]

National Police Check

Many aged care facilities require a current Employer Police Check. While you may already have a Police Check, if it is a volunteer only check or a check for a different industry, we cannot accept it for Aged Care Sidekicks.

Sidekicker have partnered with National Crime Check to help you get easy, affordable police checks. Sign up to get a police check here and the check will be returned to Sidekicker and automatically added to your profile within a max of 5 business days.

COVID-19 booster (third dose)

As at May 2022, both the QLD and VIC Governments require aged care workers to have received the third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Find out what constitutes acceptable proof of vaccination for COVID-19 here.

Please submit proof of your COVID-19 vaccine through your profile to be certified by our third party provider Certsy.

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