What is a Uniform Session

This article explains what a Uniform Session is, why you need to attend it, and how to prepare for it.

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If you weren't able to wear the required uniform to your Sidekicker Interview, the team will add a link to attend a uniform session on to your profile, under the 'Certificates' tab.

Our teams are required to follow a strict uniform policy to ensure they are well-presented and appropriately dressed. To do this, we will assess uniforms interactively via our virtual Uniform Sessions.

These sessions are conducted in groups and are typically very quick- especially if you have dressed appropriately before the session starts!

You can view the uniform requirements here.

If you require both a Labour and Hospitality uniform checked, just book one uniform session and our coordinator will assess each of them together. In this situation, please ensure that you are wearing the Hospitality Uniform. The High Visibility Vest and Steel Cap Boots can be held and presented to the camera- this is because they do not require ironing for professional presentation purposes.

To book your session, simply head to your certificates section, click on the link and choose the most suitable time from the available list.

We hope this has been helpful and look forward to seeing you in the marketplace!

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