Safe Driving Policy

This policy is to create a culture of road safety awareness and to eliminate or minimise risks when a Sidekick is operating a vehicle.

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This policy applies to all Sidekicks based in Australia and New Zealand, who are authorised to drive a motor or commercial vehicles (including cars, trucks, vans, electric bikes or electric scooters - “Vehicle”) in the course of their works for Sidekicker, or as part of their job scope in an assignment for the clients. The Policy requirements are in addition to the duties under the road traffic laws for the applicable jurisdiction.

This Policy must be read in conjunction with any related safe driving policy of the client. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between this Sidekicker’s Safe Driving Policy and the client’s policy, the highest or more stringent standard would apply.

Individual Requirements - Pre-Requirements

Sidekicks accepting a job involving driving a Vehicle must ensure that they:

  • have a valid driver’s license in the relevant state or jurisdiction to carry out the driving duties for the motor vehicle; and

  • have and maintained a satisfactory motor vehicle record within such state or jurisdiction

Sidekicks are not authorised to drive any Vehicles for the client in an assignment unless the driving duties are expressly stated to be part of the job scope in the assignment accepted by the Sidekicks, and the Sidekicks are pre-approved to conduct the driving job.

You must notify Sidekicker if you have been charged with any serious traffic offence within the last 3 years prior to taking on any job involving driving of Vehicle for Sidekicker.

Use of Private Vehicle

When a private vehicle is utilised for work-related purposes, Sidekicker is not liable for any damages that may occur during the course of employment. This means that any accidents, collisions, or damage to the vehicle while it's being used for work tasks are the sole responsibility of the car owner or operator. It's essential for Sidekicks using their private vehicles for work to ensure they have appropriate insurance coverage and comply with any local regulations regarding the commercial use of private vehicles.

Prior to commencing shifts that require the use of a private vehicle, Sidekicks must provide the following documentation:

  • Current registration for the vehicle they intend to use

  • Current and appropriate insurance coverage for the vehicle they intend to use

Please note: During Sidekicker shifts, Sidekicks are only eligible to drive private vehicles that the necessary documentation has been supplied for.

Use of a Client Vehicle

As a Sidekick working for clients, you may be furnished with a Vehicle to assist you in the performance of your job responsibilities. Vehicles must only be used for the performance of

your duties with the clients.

Under normal circumstances, the client will be responsible and pay for all operating expenses such as lease payments, taxes, fuel and authorised maintenance connected with the Vehicle.

It is your responsibility however, at your own cost, to pay for traffic fines and infringements incurred when you are driving the client’s Vehicle. Further, take note that some of the client’s policies may require you to compensate the client for any maintenance, repair or replacement of the Vehicle resulting directly or consequential to your carelessness and negligence under certain circumstances. Please make sure that you read them carefully and ensure that you comply with the relevant clients’ policies as provided to you from time to time.

Violation of this Policy may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Traffic fines and/or infringements

If you take on driving jobs with Sidekicker, and you (i) receive any traffic infringement during your course of engagement for such an assignment with a client, or (ii) if you have been charged with any serious traffic offence (including any serious traffic offence committed (or allegedly committed) outside of your work with Sidekicker/ clients), you have the responsibility to report this to Sidekicker within 24 hours. If this is not reported to Sidekicker, this could be cause for disciplinary action or grounds for termination.

The offending drivers (i.e. the Sidekicks) are responsible, at their own cost, for all fines relating to the Vehicle, including but not limited to parking offences and speeding fines. Payments are to be made by the due date.

If the infringement notice is in the name of the client, Sidekicker or the client will coordinate the completion of a statutory declaration nominating the actual driver (the Sidekick) as the person responsible for paying the fine. The fine will then be re-issued to the offending driver (the Sidekick), and the offending driver may also be responsible for the infringement transfer administrative fee.

Any reason for non-payment of fines should be documented and forwarded to Sidekicker

before contesting the fine.

Accidents and Safety

In the event that you are in an accident involving a client’s Vehicle, please follow the below process:

When an accident involves another vehicle, obtain the following information about the other driver:

  • Copy of Driver's License

  • Drivers name

  • Address

  • Telephone number

  • Name of Insurance Company

  • Vehicle registration number

  • Vehicle license plate number

If possible, obtain the name, address, and telephone number of any witnesses, including name,badge number, and address of any investigating police agencies. Please make a record whether there are any injuries reported by anyone involved in the accident.

As soon as possible after the accident occurs, contact Sidekicker and your immediate supervisor from the client’s side to report the incident. Please provide the information set out in step (1) above and the extent of any property/ vehicle damage and / or serious bodily injury related to the accident. This report must occur immediately after the accident, and in any event, no longer than 1 hour after the accident.

  1. It is your responsibility to notify any state or local agency (police, etc.) of the accident and file the appropriate written report.

  2. If the Vehicle is incurring storage charges due to impound or tow, or if you require alternative transportation to perform your work, please let Sidekicker and your immediate supervisor from the client’s side know.

  3. If an adjuster or any other representative from the other driver’s insurance company contacts you for a statement, either written or verbal, please refer them to the [email protected]

If a Sidekick causes damage to the client’s Vehicle or personal injury as a result of carelessness or negligence, you may be subject to disciplinary actions or termination by Sidekicker. Some clients (depending on their policy) may also require you to compensate them for damage caused by your carelessness and negligence under certain circumstances. Please read the client’s policies carefully.

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