Breaks between shifts
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In Australia, the Fair Work Ombudsman requires a minimum break between the end of one shift, and the start of another.

The minimum break between shifts applies when you are hired on at least two shifts in Australia which both fall under one of the following Awards:

Award Name

The minimum break between shifts

Award clause

Aged Care Award 2010 (MA000018)

10 hours

22.8 (e)

Amusement, Events and Recreation Award 2020 (MA000080)

10 hours


Cleaning Services Award 2020 [MA000022]

8 hours

14.4 (a)

Horticulture Award [MA000028]

10 hours

14.3 (a)

Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 [MA000009]

10 hours

15.5 (e)

Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award 2020 (MA000010)

10 hours

57.5 (b)

What happens if my shifts don't meet the break requirements under Fair Work?

If the break between two of your shifts does not meet the break requirements under the Fair Work Ombudsman, you can continue to work on your first shift, however, you may be withdrawn from the second shift.

Where can I find more information?

You can find further information about the minimum break requirements by industry on the Fair Work website here.

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