Before you can access work on the Sidekicker platform, you will need to complete an onboarding with us and finish setting up your Sidekicker account, including your profile and account settings.

Our team will assist you with this during your onboarding and in most cases Sidekicks will have their account activated during their session. However, some Sidekicks may not be able to complete everything during their session (either due to missing employment details or certification), in which case they will need to complete their profile setup in their own time.

How do I complete my Sidekicker profile?

Your profile is made up of your profile picture, bio, experience and certification. It acts as your ‘online resume’ on Sidekicker - showcasing your personality, experience, and skills. Businesses will review your profile alongside any applications you submit on the Sidekicker platform, so it is important to make yours stand out!

To complete your profile, click here and log in to make edits to the following sections.

Step 1: Biography

What to write:

  1. Some personal information such as where you grew up or what you’re studying (1 sentence)

  2. What industries you have experience in and the duration you have been working in those industries (2 sentences)

  3. What your professional strengths are, any achievements you are proud of, and your career aspirations (2 sentences)


Step 2: Experience

You can add as many experience items to your profile as you like, however we recommend keeping these relevant to the industries you want to work in through Sidekicker.

You will need to add at least 1 experience item to your profile (however we advise adding at least 3), showcasing as many of your skills as possible.


  • Explain what tasks you did / skills demonstrated in your previous roles, e.g. making and serving coffee and cocktails, or ‘preparation of salad ingredients and cold meats’, or ‘using a drill to assemble furniture’.

  • Tick the boxes of any roles that relate to the specific job experience. When a client looks at your profile for a specific job, they are only shown the relevant experiences for that role.


Step 3: Certificates

The Certificates section can be found by scrolling towards the bottom of the page, and includes a list of required and optional certificates for you to upload.

Required certificates will vary depending on where you are located and the industries you are approved to work in. However, in order to access any work on our platform, all Sidekicks are required to complete / upload the following documents:

How do I complete my account settings?

Your Account Settings need to be completed to ensure we have the correct details on file for processing payment, emergency contacts, etc.

To complete your Account Settings, click here and log in to update the following sections.

Step 1: Account Details

  • Information about you (including date of birth, contact information, etc)

  • Emergency contact information

Step 2: Employment Details


  • TFN number

  • Superannuation details - if you do not have your own account already set up, we can organise one with Host Plus for you!

New Zealand:

  • Tax Code Number

  • KiwiSaver details

Step 3: Bank Details

  • Your bank account details (for payment)

What next?

Once everything is completed you will notice a button appear on your profile to submit your profile for approval. Click on this and our team will notify you once your account has been activated!

If this button does not appear on your profile, it will be replaced with a 'To-do list' containing any areas which you still need to complete.

Still have questions? Get in touch with our friendly Support team via the blue chat bubble on Sidekicker - we are always happy to help!

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