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What should I wear for my Sidekicker interview?
What should I wear for my Sidekicker interview?

The uniform you should wear when attending your Sidekicker interview

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What you should wear for your Sidekicker interview will depend on the industries you selected when you registered an account with us. This is so that we can see that you own the correct uniform to work in these categories on Sidekicker.

Hospitality dress code:

  • Black trousers (not jeans or leggings)

  • Black leather shoes

  • A white ironed business shirt

  • Minimal jewellery

Manual Labour / Warehousing dress code:

  • Hi-visibility vest

  • Steel-capped boots

If you are also applying for roles in hospitality, please wear your hospitality uniform for your interview and have your Manual Labour / Warehousing uniform with you.

All other industries:

  • Smart casual or business attire

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