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Getting started with Sidekicker
Preparing for your first job with Sidekicker
Preparing for your first job with Sidekicker
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Congratulations on hiring your first Sidekick/s! Here's information to prepare you for the first job.

Adding a user

Need your colleague to be able to see which Sidekicks are coming onsite? Why not invite them to Sidekicker by adding them to your business account. Each account supports unlimited users, and the best part — it's completely free!

Getting in touch with Sidekicks

Looking to share additional shift information with your Sidekicks beyond what's included in the request details? Sidekicker provides you with phone and email for your hired Sidekicks, giving you the control to engage directly with those coming onsite.

Downloading the hired list

Need a printed list of the Sidekick or want to import a list of hired Sidekicks into your internal T&A system? Not a worry - You can easily download a ‘hired list’ containing Sidekicks name, shift details and contact information

Simply select the job you want to download the hire list for, click the three dots for more options, and select ‘Download hired list’.

What happens if your Sidekick withdraws

If a Sidekick withdraws from your job, Sidekicker is here to support every step of the way. The job poster will be notified via email, and Sidekicker will promptly find the best-suited replacement for your job. Once a replacement Sidekicker is found, the job poster will be notified via email.

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Still have questions?

Reach out via the blue chat bubble, we're always happy to help!

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