How to approve timesheets
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After every job request, Sidekicks are required to submit a timesheet through the Sidekicker App. Once all timesheets have been submitted, the job poster will receive an email notification, and will need to review and confirm the hours submitted.

How to review and approve timesheets

You can review timesheets on your job when it’s in ‘Review and complete’ status.

  1. Review hours submitted by Sidekicks next to their name. If the hours are different to scheduled start or end times, it will highlight in red.

  2. Click ‘Approve all and pay’ to approve all Sidekicks timesheets on the job, or click ‘Approve’ next to the Sidekick’s name to approve an individual timesheet

  3. Click ‘Confirm’ to complete the job.

All timesheets will need to be reviewed and completed by 12pm AEST the following Tuesday (3pm in New Zealand).

How to edit Sidekick’s timesheet

If the Sidekick’s timesheet does not match up with your record of the hours Sidekick actually worked, you can easily edit the hours.

  1. Click ‘Edit hours’ on the individual Sidekick’s timesheet

  2. Edit or add the hours, add a reason why, and click ‘Approve’

If the Sidekick did not attend the job at all, please mark the Sidekick a no-show by ticking ‘Didn’t work this request’ on the timesheet.

Once timesheets are approved and the job completed, Sidekicks will be paid and you will be billed according to your billing method.

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