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Understanding Sidekicker’s cost breakdown
Understanding Sidekicker’s cost breakdown
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Sidekicker provides customers with a transparent and cost-effective solution for hiring on-demand Sidekicks. The Sidekicker platform offers complete transparency over the cost. For every job posted, you'll receive a detailed cost estimate, including:

Unit price: The hourly rate to the Sidekick

Oncost: Insurances & superannuation

Service fee: cost for using Sidekicker services

Please note: You will only be charged at the completion of their job once you have confirmed and completed the hours worked by a Sidekick.

Unit price: hourly worker rates

You can put payroll compliance concerns to rest as Sidekicker has established worker rates on the platform to ensure that all legal requirements and compliance standards are met.

In Australia, worker rates are determined by the Modern Awards defined by Fair Work, and the relevant awards and corresponding pay rates are incorporated into the Sidekicker platform. When selecting the role you're requesting, the appropriate award and pay rate are automatically applied.

In New Zealand, Sidekicker has established market rates for each role based on industry standards.


Costs added to the worker rates in Australia cover for WorkCover compensation, insurances such as liability insurance, payroll tax, and superannuation.

Costs covered for Sidekicks in New Zealand include sick leave loading, holiday loading, insurances and accident compensation.

Service fee

Contributes to our ongoing support and further improvement, to enhance your overall experience on the platform! A service fee is charged for every job completed on the platform, which is 20% as a default.

A Rate Card outlining the rates associated with your business can be created upon a request to our support team via blue chat bubble.

Visit our Help Centre to learn:

Still have questions?

If you’d like to discuss the costs and pricing further, or have further questions, reach out via the blue chat bubble. We're always happy to help!

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