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Management of Sidekick withdrawals and no-shows
Management of Sidekick withdrawals and no-shows
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At Sidekicker, our top priority is building a community of reliable and accountable Sidekicks. Leveraging technology, we track and manage Sidekick reliability with visible ratings on profiles.

Visible Sidekick reliability ratings offer businesses complete transparency, empowering them to choose the best Sidekick for their job based on a clear reliability history

What happens when a Sidekick withdraws

Sidekicker has streamlined the withdrawal and replacement process for businesses.

When a Sidekick withdraws from the Sidekicker App, they are automatically removed from the job, triggering an immediate reopening of the job to notify suitable and available Sidekicks. The job poster will receive email notification when a replacement is hired.

If you prefer to choose the replacements, please contact our support team via the blue chat bubble to discuss alternate withdrawal options.

What if Sidekick did not turn up

If you need urgent replacement for the no-show, contact our support team at 1800 882 694 (AU) or 0800 004 013 (NZ). If no replacement is needed, mark the Sidekick as 'Didn’t work this request' when approving their timesheet to report a no-show

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Reach out via the blue chat bubble, we're always happy to help!

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