How Sidekicker screens staff

How we qualify, interview, screen and onboard staff

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Providing businesses with qualified, reliable, productive and consistent workers is our number one priority. The first stage in delivering this is conducting a rigorous screening and interview process. Our process is as follows:

Initial screen

  • Thousands apply to become a Sidekick every month. Around 85% make it to an interview based on our strict criteria.

1:1 interview

  • Our interviews are conducted virtually across all major cities in ANZ. Virtual sessions help provide flexibility for all workers especially those in remote regions.

  • Examples of interview questions for all roles are available upon request.

Skills testing

  • We test the skill competency and confidence of our Sidekicks first-hand for several roles. The skill testing includes a 20kg lift for manual labour workers and a 3-plate carry for front-of-house hospitality workers.

Documentation, license and background checks

  • For all Sidekicks, we conduct a right-to-work verification via integration with Certsy Right To Work.

  • Certificates required for each role are available upon request.

OH&S Induction

  • All staff must complete our OH&S Induction, followed by a quiz. Staff must achieve 100% in this quiz before progressing.

Medical Assessment Questionnaire

Onboarding & profile setup

  • Our onboarding process covers expectation setting across attitude, professionalism, and our reliability policies.

  • Staff profiles are set up, and allocated to appropriate labour categories.

  • All certificates are uploaded to staff profiles along with expiry dates to ensure compliance is maintained at all times.

A note on additional verifications and checks:

The rate charged to the businesses (clients) does not include the following additional verifications, checks or services:

  • Drug test

  • Police Check (AU) / MOJ Criminal Check (NZ) [for Sidekicks who do not currently have the relevant certificates/ checks uploaded in their Sidekick’s profile]

  • Sidekicker Functional Assessment

  • Medical checks [apart from the Medical Assessment questionnaire as set out above]

  • Client-specific pre-shift induction or training that a Sidekick must attend

  • Pre-shift induction management

Sidekicker can provide a price list for any such additional verifications, checks and services not stated above. Please contact [email protected]

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