There are lots of different certificates that you can upload to your Sidekicker profile, some required and some optional. 

What are required certificates?

Required certificates are those that allow you to do certain jobs. For example:

  • You can do a bartending job in Victoria if you have a valid Victorian RSA certificate

  • You can do a duty manager's shift in New Zealand if you have a duty manager's certificate

There are two required certificates that every Sidekick must have -- an OH&S Induction certificate and either an Australian Right to Work Check certificate or a New Zealand Right to Work Check certificate. Other required certificates will be dependant on what subcategories you'll be working in. 

How do I complete extra certificates?

If you're keen to beef up your profile, see more jobs and stand out from the competition, check out our inductions and certificates page -- we've got you covered!

You can also find a helpful inductions section here in our Sidekicker help centre. 

How do I upload a certificate?

To upload a certificate, you’ll need to log on to the Sidekicker desktop site on a computer, laptop or tablet. Once you're in, click on edit profile and then scroll down -- you’ll see the certificates section about half way down the page. 

Why is my certificate pending approval?

Once you upload your certificate, someone from our team will need to review and approve it. This process usually happens within 24 hours. Your Right to Work and OH&S Certificates will both be added to your profile automatically.

Why was my certificate rejected?

If your certificate is rejected, you will receive an email letting you know why it's been rejected. Common reasons include:

  • you've uploaded the incorrect certificate 

  • you've uploaded a correct certificate but in the wrong place

  • your certificate is expired

  • your certificate doesn't have an expiry date but is no longer valid (for example, Australian police checks are only valid for one year from the date of the check)

  • you haven't uploaded all the required information (for example, you've uploaded the outcome of your visa check without the part that shows your restrictions) 

If you're confused about why your certificate has been rejected, or aren't sure how to upload your certificate, just reach out to us via the blue Sidekicker chat bubble. 

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