Thank you so much for taking the time to apply with Sidekicker! If your application has been waitlisted, this means we really want to work with you but are unable to onboard you at this time due to one of two reasons;

  1. We are not currently hiring in your local area, or

  2. You do not have enough experience to be a Sidekick in your chosen industry

Waitlisted because of location

To ensure Sidekicks can always find work through our platform, we can only onboard new Sidekicks when we have enough work available in their local area.

Right now we are only hiring candidates in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury. If you are moving to any of these areas, please send us an email at [email protected] / [email protected] and we will see what we can do!

Waitlisted because of industry

Most industries do not require prior experience, however there are certain industries that do. If you have selected one of these industries and do not meet the following requirements, this is likely the reason why your application was waitlisted.

🍴 Hospitality: 3 months (Front of House); no experience required (Back of House)

🎉 Events & Exhibitions: no experience required

📦 Warehousing & Manual Labour: no experience required

💻 Business Admin: no experience required

💕 Aged care / Healthcare: 3 months

🌿 Horticulture: no experience required

If you have skills in an industry that is different to the one you first applied for, you might still be able to join our team! To sign up for a different industry, click here and re-submit your application. Note you will need a different email to the one you first signed up with.

When will my application come off the waitlist?

The duration your application remains on our waitlist will depend on the reason why your application was waitlisted.

If your application was waitlisted due to location, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a timeline on this, as it will be dependent on when we have more work available in your local area.

If your application was waitlisted due to your industry experience, your application could come off the waitlist at any time in the following scenarios;

  • If you meet the required experience for an alternative industry or if you gain the required experience in your selected industry

  • If the minimum experience required in your selected industry changes.

How will I know when my application comes off the waitlist?

Once your application comes off the waitlist we will contact you via email to let you know, and will advise you on next steps towards becoming a Sidekick!

We hope to work with you soon. 😃

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