Applying for work on Sidekicker is quick and easy, but you might still have some questions around how it all works; Can I apply for two shifts occurring at the same time? When and how will I be notified of the outcome? What if I need to withdraw an application?

This article will address all of these questions and more - leaving you with a better understanding of what happens after you have applied for a job on Sidekicker.

Note: Some jobs are posted using the auto-hire feature, which requires you to accept a shift rather than apply for it. Note the below information does not apply to these jobs!.

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How do I submit an application?

When applying for set-shifts and fixed-term jobs, you will be required to write an application statement. This is your first and best chance of standing out from the other applicants, so make sure you sell yourself! See our top tips on increasing your chances of being hired here.

When applying for opportunities, you will be required to answer a series of questions. Your answers to these questions, along with your Sidekicker profile, will act as your application.

Can I apply for two jobs that are scheduled at the same time?

You can apply for as many jobs as you like but it is important to understand what happens if you are hired on a job which clashes with another job you have previously applied to.


If a business hires you on a set-shift, your pending applications on any other set shifts will be automatically withdrawn if they clash with that shift.

Fixed-term jobs

As fixed-term jobs are made up of multiple shifts occurring at different times over an extended period, your pending applications on any other jobs occurring across that period will not be automatically withdrawn. This is because we want to allow you to work as many shifts as you like!

For example, if you are hired on a fixed-term job where you are required to work from 9am to 3pm on Monday to Friday, you should be able to work evening shifts with another business if you wish to do so.

It is therefore important that you review the 'Applied' section of your jobs dashboard if you are hired on a fixed-term job, and withdraw any applications still pending from jobs you are no longer available to work.

Note: If you notice you have been hired on jobs which clash, please let us know as soon as possible by sending us a message via the blue chat bubble on Sidekicker.

When will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

Most set-shifts and fixed-term jobs are filled within the first hour, however businesses have up to 72 hours (or until the job start time if it is less than 72 hours away) to select their Sidekicks once they have received the required number of applications to fill the job.

Note this timeframe can vary for opportunities, as there are often more steps involved in the opportunity hiring process.

How will I be notified of the outcome?

Regardless of the type of job you have applied for, you will always be notified of the outcome via email. However the way this is displayed on your jobs dashboard will differ depending on the type of job you applied for.

Set-shifts and fixed term jobs:

If your application for a set-shift or fixed-term job has been unsuccessful, it will disappear from the 'Applied' section of your dashboard. However if your application has been successful, it will move to the 'Active' section.


The opportunity will disappear from your dashboard altogether, regardless of whether or not your application was successful.

If you were notified via email of your application being successful, this means you have been added to an exclusive pool of Sidekicks and the business will post jobs directly to you when work comes available, at which stage you can apply for these jobs as normal.

Note: While jobs will almost always eventuate from a successful application on an opportunity, like with all casual positions work is not guaranteed. Don't be too disappointed if this happens though - new opportunities are always being posted on Sidekicker!

How do I withdraw my application?

You can withdraw your application at any point before being hired. To do this, click on the 'Applied' section of your jobs dashboard, click into the job you want to withdraw your application from, then click on the "Withdraw" button.

If you have already been hired on a set-shift or fixed-term job, see here for more information on how to withdraw.

Note: If you have been successful for an opportunity but no longer wish to work with the business, you are not required to apply for their jobs once they have been posted on Sidekicker.

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