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Want to see more jobs? Here's how to ensure you're viewing as many jobs as possible
Want to see more jobs? Here's how to ensure you're viewing as many jobs as possible

Optimise your jobs feed by following these steps to view more jobs

Updated over a week ago

Not seeing as many jobs as you'd like? We understand it can be frustrating when there aren't any or enough jobs as you'd prefer.

Here's the best ways to ensure you're viewing as many jobs as possible.

Check your filters

It may sound silly, but it can be incredibly easy to miss that you have a filter selected on your jobs dashboard.

Check your job filters by clicking on the 'Filter' button on your Sidekicker app, then select 'Reset filters' and 'Show results.'

Update your Job Preferences

Your job preferences help to ensure you're only seeing jobs at the times and locations you're comfortable working.

If you'd like to see what jobs might be outside of this, check and update your job preferences by selecting your photo icon in the top right corner of your app, and then select 'Job preferences.'

From here, you can update your daily availability, as well as your address and the radius from this location in which you're comfortable travelling to work.

Note that job preferences can only be updated via the Sidekicker app.

Check for expired or missing 'Required' certificates

If you still don't see jobs, check your certificates page here to see if you have any missing or expired certificates as this can restrict your job access.

Any expired or missing certificate under the 'Required' or 'General' section will prevent you from being able to see any jobs on your dashboard.

These will be specifically labelled and 'missing,' 'expiring soon,' or 'expired' so you'll know which certificates need to be uploaded or updated to see jobs.

Once you have uploaded a certificate, this will show as 'pending approval' and will be reviewed by our team within 48 hours. You'll receive an email notification if for any reason we are unable to approve the certificate you've uploaded.

If you're unsure how to complete a certain certificate, simply select the title to view a brief description and instructions for completion. For assistance on uploading or completing a required certificate, check out this help article.

Complete 'Recommended' certificates

If you'd like to have access to more jobs in your industry, but aren't sure which certificates to prioritise - recommended certificates are a great place to start!

Some of our clients may require their workers to have additional certificates or checks, which is why preferred certificates will allow you to see more jobs on Sidekicker!

For example, a Food Handlers Certificate is required to work as a Kitchen Hand.

If you want to work as Kitchen Hand within Education, you may also need a Working With Children's Check. That's why having a Food Handlers Certificate as well a Working With Children's Check will allow you to see even more jobs on your dashboard.

Any certificate without a blue tick means it hasn't been completed yet, and can help you unlock more jobs!

​Please note that Sidekicker is unable to reimburse the cost of any certificates or qualifications you complete.


Complete additional assessments to access more work

When you completed your onboarding, you may have only opened up jobs in a specific industry.

If you have experience in another industry, you can apply to work other types of roles by completing additional online skills assessments!

Check out this help article to view the links to all of our available online skills assessments!

We recommend ensuring that the industry isn't already open on your account, and that you have experience in the type of assessment you're completing to avoid disappointment.

I've followed these steps and still don't see jobs

If you've completed all of the steps in this article and still aren't seeing many jobs, unfortunately this may mean that there aren't currently jobs available in your industry or location.

Demand can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors. We recommend ensuring your job notifications are turned on so that you can be notified as soon as jobs become available! To update your notification settings select your photo icon in the top right corner of your app, and then select 'notifications.'

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