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Manage your casuals on Sidekicker platform
Manage your casuals on Sidekicker platform
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Providing businesses a streamlined way to notify, schedule and manage their casual employees and Sidekicks all in one place.

  • Manage your labour all in the one platform - Notify and manage your casual employees and agency labour using Sidekicker

  • Reduce your admin - No more operating across multiple systems for to manage your casual roster

  • Visibility on performance - Gain visibility over spend and best performing employees and Sidekicks all in the one place.

Sidekicker platform allows you to instantly notify your casual employees of upcoming shifts, which they can accept if available. Any remaining gaps in your roster can be filled with pre-screened Sidekicks ready to start working with you.

How to invite casual workers onto platform

To start posting shifts to your casual employees, they will need to be invited to Sidekicker with a simple click of a button. Once they’ve activated your invitation they’ll be ready to start accepting available shifts.

  1. Select Employees on the left navigation bar

  2. Click ‘Invite employees’ and select ‘Create invite’

  3. Type in the email address, and select an optional Talent Pool, and click ‘Send invitations’

Tip: Create Talent Pools for your casuals to easily keep track of all your workforce on the platform.

How to post a job to your casuals

Posting a job to your casuals is as easy as posting a job to your Sidekicks!

  1. Click ‘Make a request’ and select ‘Start from scratch’

  2. Select ‘Shifts’ as the role

  3. Select ‘Employee talent pools’ as the talent pool to send a request to your casuals

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