To get started, click the ‘Make a Request’ button on your Dashboard, and select ’Start from scratch.

Select the category which is most relevant to the job you are posting.

Fill in the Request details (pictured below), including the category, request name and description.

What information should I include?

A clear and concise title and description will help you attract the best Sidekicks! The more details the better, so Sidekicks can make sure they are able to complete your request.

We recommend ensuring you include: 

  • A short 1-2 sentence overview of the job and your business

  • What the Sidekick will do during the job

  • What experience the Sidekick will need to complete the job successfully

  • Any special instructions to complete the job

  • Uniform requirements

You can also select any specific skills required for the job. This will show up on the job post and you will be able to see which of your applicants possess these specific skills.

For examples of what to include in your request details, see our recommended job templates here.

Where and when will this take place?

Fill in the Schedule details (pictured below) so that Sidekicks know where the job will take place, when they are required to work, and how to contact you. Note your contact details will only be released to the Sidekicks you hire for the job, and this can be either a phone number or email address.

If your job is located outside of metropolitan areas, consider increasing the pay rate or offering a travel bonus in the job title and description. Alternatively, you can tick the option 'Sidekick to work remotely' if applicable.

What is the hourly rate? 

Here you can see the hourly rate and breakdown of costs. Note the minimum you can post a job for on our platform is at the award rate (in Australia) or the minimum wage (in New Zealand). 

Submit your request!

After clicking ‘Submit request’ your job will be posted, and all qualified Sidekicks will be notified! Once you receive the required number of applications, we will send you an email letting you know. From here you will be able to view all applicants and make your selection.

For further help hiring Sidekicks and completing your job, have a look in our Help Centre, or get in touch with our team at [email protected] / [email protected].

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