April's Aged Care Bonus

More information about the re-engagement special we are running for our Sidekicks in Queensland

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April Bonus for our Aged Care staff in Queensland

Over the month of April, Sidekicker is running a special for our amazing staff in Queensland. If you have received an email from us about this special and complete a job in April, we will reward you with a bonus at the end of the month.


  • Have received the email offer

  • Do not withdraw from active shifts to pick up work in QLD

  • Complete the below number of shifts for clients in QLD

  • Are an active Sidekick at 01/05/2024

  • Have a reliability score of 95% or above at 01/05/2024

Bonus Structure

The bonus amount will be determined based on the shifts worked:

1 Shift

3 shifts

5 shifts

10 shifts

Registered Nurse





Assistant in Nursing





Special Bonus

A surprise bonus will be awarded to one Sidekick who meets the following criteria:

  • has completed the most shifts across the entire market in April

  • qualifies for this bonus (as per the eligibility criteria above)

  • has a reliability score of 100% on 01/05/2023

This prize will be announced closer to the date!

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Head on over to our app to log in and check for shifts.

Program Details
April Aged Care Bonus (QLD)
Promotional Period
1 April 2024 to 30 April 2024 inclusive.

What you need to do (the conditions):
You must complete at least one shift through the Sidekicker Platform within 30 days of April.
These shifts must be from any of the following categories of work:

  • Assistant in Nursing/ Personal Carer

  • Registered Nurse

What counts as ‘completing a shift’?
To complete a shift, the shift must be worked and signed off by the client through the Sidekicker app.

How much you can earn as part of the Referral Reward:
If the conditions are met, you will receive an AUD lump sum payment in accordance with the number of shifts completed.

How and when you’ll be paid:
Referral payments are processed within 28 days of the promotion finishing.

Detailed Terms and Conditions:
These terms and conditions (the “Program Rules”) govern your participation in the Sidekicker’s “April Aged Care Bonus” Program, administered by Sidekicker in Australia and New Zealand.

For the purpose of this Program Rules:
Promotional Period means the promotional period as stated in the Sidekicker Written Communication 1 April 2024 to 30 April 2024 inclusive.
Sidekick means a person who is employed as a casual employee (known commonly as a “Sidekick”) with Sidekicker, and has a valid and existing employment contract (casual) with Sidekicker that has not been terminated or expired.
Sidekicker means Lend Me a Hand Pty Ltd t/a Sidekicker ACN 154 916 917 and Sidekicker New Zealand Limited NZBN 9429041516492
Sidekicker Platform means any system, website or platform provided by Sidekicker (including the Sidekicker Sites) to facilitate the engagement of Sidekicks, and includes any other sites and services owned or controlled by Sidekicker.
Sidekicker Sites means the websites at www.sidekicker.com and https://app.sidekicker.com/account/login
Sidekicker Written Communication means a written communication issued by Sidekicker to the Sidekicks providing information about an “April Aged Care Bonus” to be run during a specific Promotional Period.

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