Note: If you’ve worked a shift that you originally weren’t scheduled for then please write to our Support team instead of using the steps outlined in this article.

How to submit an investigation request

If you’ve recently completed a shift but believe that you’ve either been:

  1. Removed from the shift’s timesheet, or;

  2. Not been paid for a portion of a shift that you’ve worked

Then you can complete this form and we’ll investigate your missing timesheet. In the form you will need to provide:

  • Your contact information

  • What category your submission falls into e.g - removed from shift, not paid for portion of shift

  • Shift details, including date, time, location and supervisor

  • Evidence that you worked the shift, for example a photograph of a timesheet at the venue

Please make sure you have included all information and evidence in the form before submitting, or it may lead to longer investigation time.

What happens after you submit a request?

Sidekicker will review submissions each Monday morning at 9AM AEST, after which we’ll reach out to clients to try and verify the details you’ve provided. We aim to update Sidekicks that have submitted an investigation request update by Wednesday afternoon, prior to the weekly pay cycle.

Please note that in some cases the investigation may take 1 - 2 weeks.

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