From the very first day you sign up to Sidekicker, you'll start hearing from us! We'll contact you for various reasons, such as to remind you about an upcoming interview or to notify you of a new job opportunity.

This article includes examples of the different types of messages you might receive from Sidekicker, how you are notified of these messages and how you can manage your notification preferences.

Push notifications

When you first download the Sidekicker app you will be prompted to enable push-notifications on your device settings. We recommend doing so to ensure you're the first to hear about new job opportunities and any important messages we send to you via the Sidekicker app.

If you have not yet enabled push-notifications on your device and would like to, you can find instructions on how to do this for iOS here and Android here.

Job notifications

You can choose to be notified about new jobs via push-notification, email, or both. To manage these settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Sidekicker app

  2. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the screen

  3. Select 'Notifications'

  4. Click on the toggle to turn your push-notifications and/or email notifications on and off

Handy tip: We recommend updating your job preferences in the Sidekicker app to ensure you are only notified about jobs which are relevant to you based on your availability and location preferences.


When you receive emails from Sidekicker, these are either sent by a member of the Sidekicker team or triggered by the Sidekicker product.

Sidekicker team emails

These emails are sent to you by our wonderful team at Sidekicker HQ! Some examples can include:

  • To notify you about policy updates

  • To notify you about promotional campaigns we're running

  • To notify you about new product features

At the bottom of these emails you will find an option to unsubscribe - click on this to open your subscription preferences. From here, you can determine which of the following emails you want to receive from us:

  • Announcements
    Product, feature and other announcements

  • Best practices
    Tips, tricks and recommendations

  • Promotions
    Bonuses, referral campaigns and more

Note: Regardless of your subscription preferences, you will continue to receive important emails from our team related to operational activities, technical updates, your account and your employment. If you are no longer working with Sidekicker and therefore wish to stop receiving all communications from us, please let us know via the blue Sidekicker chat bubble.

Sidekicker product emails

These emails are sent whenever something occurs in the product which you should know about. This could include:

  • To notify you that you have an expiring certificate on your Sidekicker profile

  • To notify you of new jobs based on your job preferences and notification settings

  • To notify you that a client has made changes to a timesheet you have submitted

At the bottom of these emails you will find an option to manage your email preferences. Note this will only update your preferences for product emails, not for emails sent by the Sidekicker team.

Chat messages

Our team will also occasionally send you messages via the chat bubble on the Sidekicker app/desktop site. This could be to remind you to submit a timesheet for a job you recently completed, or to update you on recent changes made to the Sidekicker product.

While you cannot set preferences for the types of messages you receive via chat, you can determine whether or not you receive a push-notification if a chat message has been sent with one by enabling this in your device settings.

Note: Chat messages are rarely sent with push-notifications. Where a push-notification is used, this is because we believe it is important you see that particular chat message.

Want to stop hearing from Sidekicker altogether?

If your circumstances have changed and you have stopped looking for work with Sidekicker, you can get in touch with us via the blue chat bubble to let us know. From here, we can cancel your Sidekicker account to ensure you do not receive any further messages from us.

Don't worry, if you want to return to us in future you can! Simply get in touch again via the blue chat bubble and we will reinstate your account.

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