When do I complete my timesheet?

Once your job has ended, you'll have 24 hours to submit your timesheet to ensure you get paid. 

It's a good idea to submit your timesheet as soon as you walk out from your shift. If you do not submit your timesheet within 24 hours, you'll be removed from the timesheet and will need to message us to get a new timesheet. If this happens, your pay may be delayed. 

When it's time to complete your job, you'll get a green 'complete job' button when you view the job. 

How do I complete my timesheet?

If your job is a fixed term job (like the one shown below), you should check out this article -- it's all about fixed term jobs, how and when to submit a timesheet for them and when you'll be paid. 

If your job is a set shift or a multi shift, keep reading. 

You'll see in the example below, you work line by line to put in your hours. If you didn't work a particular day, you can select didn't work. Easy!

What if I was promised a bonus or had an expense?

If a job was advertised with an expense or bonus, you'll have the option to include this when submitting your timesheet. 

You should only include a reimbursement that has already been approved by the client and is listed on the job. For example, if you work on a job that says it has a $55 travel bonus, you can add that in here. 

What if my hours are different to what was originally posted on the job?

That's fine! You should always complete your timesheet with the hours you actually worked, regardless of what the job description said. 

If you pop in hours that are longer than what the job description asked for, you'll be asked to specify who asked you to stay back. Here you should include the name of the person and their position. If you're not sure of either their name or position, try to think of other things that could help us identify them. For example "the person working at the level four bar, who was dressed in the red shirt and who was delegating tasks once the manager left". 

How does the rating system work?

You'll be given the option to leave the client a rating out of 5 and also leave a review. Your review is private and is not seen by the client; it's only seen by us here at Sidekicker HQ! 

What happens once I hit submit?

Once you're happy with the way your timesheet looks, hit the submit for review button. Your timesheet will then be sent straight to the client who will review the hours you submitted and either change or approve them.

If the client changes your timesheet, they'll need to add a reason. You'll get an email letting you know that your timesheet has been amended and why. 

Whilst your timesheet is waiting for the client's approval, it will sit in the awaiting review section of your app. In some cases the client approves timesheets within the hour, in other cases it can take up to a week. 

Will my job be paid if it's in awaiting review?

Yes! Your job will still be paid even if it is in awaiting review 🎉 

If you have any concerns about your pay or need help submitting a timesheet don't hesitate to reach out to us via the blue Sidekicker chat bubble -- we're always here to help! 

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