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Onboarding Private Sidekicks
Updated over a week ago

Want to make it easier for you to manage the employment admin for all your casuals? You can invite your casuals onto Sidekicker for your exclusive use by utilising the ‘Private Sidekicks’ feature.

Private Sidekicks can only see the requests posted by you on the platform, and the benefit of the feature is that you don’t have to worry about their employment admin and payroll - Sidekicker will handle that on your behalf!

How to invite a Private Sidekick

  1. Click ‘Sidekicks’ on your left navigation bar, selecting ‘Invite Sidekicks’, and clicking ‘Create invitation’

  2. Add the worker’s email address in and optionally add them onto a Talent Pool, and click ‘Send invitations’

  3. The worker will receive an email invitation to create an account on Sidekicker. Once the account is completed, you can hire them onto your requests right away.

Need a solution to manage your casual workers rostering on Sidekicker, but wish to handle employment admin and payroll internally? See our Help Center for more information on ‘Managing your casuals on Sidekicker’.

Still have questions, or wish to activate the Private Sidekicks feature for your business?

Reach out via the blue chat bubble, we're always happy to help!

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