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How to write a job description & example templates
How to write a job description & example templates
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Clear and informative descriptions are key to attracting the best Sidekicks for your role. Since Sidekicks view jobs via their mobile app, keeping request details short and concise is beneficial.

Here is is what we recommend including;

Request details and key responsibilities

  • Overview of the job duties and tasks

  • Specific experience to complete the job successfully

  • Any tools the Sidekick will need to bring for example, waiter’s friend

What to wear

  • Job attire including pants, top and footwear

Arrival instructions

  • Parking onsite for Sidekicks or recommended transport options

  • Where to go onsite and who is the shift contact

For instructions on posting a job, see 'How to post a job'.

To see example job descriptions for each industry, visit our Help Center:

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