Hiring the best worker for your request
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The Sidekicker platform empowers you with complete transparency and control in your hiring choices.

Each of our Sidekicks has a detailed profile showcasing ratings, reviews, and a work history section, giving you the ability to hire the most suitable Sidekick for your request.

How Sidekicks are displayed on your request

We're reducing irrelevant applications when you have enough high quality Sidekicks on your request, so you can quickly view and choose the best Sidekicks.

When Sidekicks apply for your request, the application list is sorted by ‘Best match’ to make it super easy for you to hire the best Sidekicks.

Better Sidekick matching

Sidekicker technology determines the most suitable Sidekick for your role by assessing their;

  • Previous experience: Assessing the Sidekick's suitability based on their past experience on the platform.

  • Star rating: Ratings provided by other employers.

  • Reliability score: Evaluating the Sidekick's reliability for a seamless collaboration.

  • Distance from job: Ensuring that the Sidekick is conveniently located for the task at hand.

Based on our best match criteria (above), Sidekicks are ranked and displayed from highest to lowest on your request. The Sidekicks scoring higher than our best match threshold will have a ‘Recommended’ tag to make them stand out and ease the selection process for you.

When we determine that you’ve received enough highly scoring Sidekicks to fill your role and have the option to choose between them, the request will be paused. This will make it easier for you to scan through the applicants and make your hiring decisions.

If you choose to pass on a candidate, the platform will automatically reopen your request for you to receive new applications.

How to review Sidekick profiles

Sidekick profiles offer unprecedented transparency, providing you with insights into a Sidekick's rating, reviews from customers using Sidekicker, reliability score, work history and validated certificates.

Clicking the Sidekick’s name in your request, to view full profile details.

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