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How to set up EFT weekly invoicing
How to set up EFT weekly invoicing
Updated over a week ago

EFT is an invoicing method where you will receive an EFT invoice for all jobs completed in the previous week (Monday-Sunday), and the payment is required within 14 days.

Eligibility for EFT

If your business plans to complete 6+ jobs on a weekly basis, or 300+ jobs throughout the year on Sidekicker, you will likely be eligible for EFT invoicing.

If you'd like to explore EFT payment method for invoicing, please reach out through the blue chat bubble and our team of invoicing specialists will be in touch.

How to set up EFT invoicing

If EFT invoicing is suitable for your business, you will be shared a Credit Application to complete electronically. After completion, Sidekicker will conduct a credit assessment within one business day, and we will assist you with the setup.

How you will receive invoices

The agreed billing contacts will receive an invoice via email every Thursday/Friday. If there are any changes to the invoice formatting or contacts, please reach out to us via the blue-chat bubble so the Account Management team can assist you with the changes.

Still have questions?

Reach out via the blue chat bubble, we're always happy to help!

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