How to setup Direct Debit?
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Direct Debit is an easy way to be billed for your shifts, as an automatic payment will be made from your designated account 7-days after a completed job.

How to setup Direct Debit

If you wish to move to Direct Debit payments, please contact us via the blue chat bubble. Sidekicker will provide you with a Credit Application.

Once your Credit Application is accepted, your payment method will be changed to Direct Debit, and you will need to set up your account details onto the platform.

  1. Log into your Sidekicker account

  2. Click your name on the top right corner, and select 'Billing details'

  3. Click 'Setup Direct Debit', add your account details, and save

Still have questions?

  • Review our Help Centre article on How payments work

  • Reach out via the blue chat bubble, we're always happy to help!

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