SkyCity Casino Bartender Bonus
Terms & Conditions for the SkyCity Casino Bartender Bonus Program
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Promotional Period

1st March 2023 to March 19th 2023
(This promotion has now closed)

Conditions to fulfill before you can receive the bonus

The Sidekick must complete any of the below number of shifts working as a bartender for SkyCity Casino @ Flare Bar

What is the Shift Bonus?

a) $100 NZD bonus if you work 4 shifts

b) $150 NZD bonus if you work 6 shifts

Payment Term

You will receive the Bonus within 2 weeks after the Promotional Period ends, directly deposited to the bank account nominated by you.

Sidekicker may however, at its sole discretion, make the payment earlier during the Promotional Period.

SkyCity Casino Bartender Bonus Rules

These terms and conditions (the “Program Rules”) govern your participation in the Sidekicker’s First Shifts Bonus Program, administered by Sidekicker in Australia and New Zealand.


For the purpose of this Program Rules:

Promotional Period means the promotional period as stated in the Sidekicker Written Communication

Sidekick means a person who is employed as a casual employee (known commonly as a “Sidekick”) with Sidekicker, and has a valid and existing employment contract (casual) with Sidekicker that has not been terminated or expired

Sidekicker means [Australia] Lend Me a Hand Pty Ltd t/a Sidekicker ACN 154 916 917 and [New Zealand] Sidekicker New Zealand Limited t/a Sidekicker NZBN 9429041516492

Sidekicker Platform means any system, website or platform provided by Sidekicker (including the Sidekicker Sites) to facilitate the engagement of Sidekicks, and includes any other sites and services owned or controlled by Sidekicker;

Sidekicker Sites means the websites at and

Sidekicker Bartender shifts means shifts that are posted under the subcategories Bartender, Bartender Plus and Bartender Premium

Completed shifts means shifts that have not been withdrawn from the Sidekicker Platform by Sidekicker, have been worked in full by the individual Sidekick (Worker) and approved by Sidekicker. In other words, shifts that have been withdrawn, deleted, expired or cancelled will not count towards earning the Bonus.

Sidekicker Written Communication means a written communication issued by Sidekicker to the Sidekicks providing information about the First Shifts Bonus Program to be run during a specific promotional period

1. Program Overview

The Sidekicker "SkyCity Casino Bartender Bonus" is offered to (i) any existing Sidekick who fulfills the eligibility requirements in clause 2.

2. Sidekick Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the “SkyCity Casino Bartender Bonus” Program an individual must:

  1. be at least 18 years old;

  2. be an existing Sidekick (as defined in the “Definitions” section above) at the time and during the Promotional Period; and

  3. maintain an active Sidekick account (i.e. one that has not been deactivated) at the Sidekicker Platform at the time and during the Promotional Period.

  4. only Sidekicks who receive this written communication directly from Sidekicker are eligible for this promotion

3. SkyCity Casino Bartender Bonus

(i) Conditions of SkyCity Casino Bartender Bonus

To be eligible to earn the SkyCity Bartender Bonus, all of the following conditions (“Conditions for SkyCity Bartender Bonus”) must be met by the Sidekick:

  1. The Sidekick, must complete the number of Completed Shifts as specified in the Sidekicker Written Communication during the Promotional Period;

  2. The Sidekick must maintain an active Sidekick account at the Sidekicker Platform (i.e. one that has not been deactivated e.g. due to failure to meeting the reliability criteria) during the entire Promotional Period;

  3. The Sidekick must continue to have an employment contract (casual) with Sidekicker and the contract must not be terminated or expired during the entire Promotional Period; and

  4. The Sidekick must not have breached any of the terms and conditions of these Program Rules.

(ii) Payment of SkyCity Bartender Bonus Bonus

The Sidekick who has successfully met all the Conditions for Shift Bonus will receive the Shift Bonus (as specified in the Sidekicker Written Communication) within 2 weeks after the Promotional Period ends, directly deposited to the bank account nominated by you.

4. Other Terms

These other terms shall apply to your participation in the “SkyCity Bartender Bonus” Program:

  1. Sidekicker may update or amend the Program Rules at any time. Continued participation in the “SkyCity Bartender Bonus” Program after any update will mean that you have agreed to the update;

  2. Sidekicker reserves the right to change, end, or suspend, in whole or part, the “SkyCity Bartender Bonus” Program;

  3. Sidekicker may disqualify or exclude an individual from participation in this “SkyCity Bartender Bonus” Program at any time (before, during or after the Promotional Period), for any reason, including suspected fraud, abuse, breach of these Program Rules, or breach of any other agreements between the Sidekicker and you.

  4. If you breach the Program Rules, Sidekicker may suspend or terminate, in its sole discretion, your ability to participate in any similar referral program (now or in the future).

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