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Partner Jobs Board - Employer Experience
Partner Jobs Board - Employer Experience
Jobs Victoria Online Hub Partner Jobs Board Employer Experience
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The Partner Jobs Board is an extension of the Jobs Victoria Online Hub that connects Employers with Employment Mentors who help job seekers who experience disadvantage in the job market.

This feature enables Employers to request staff from various organisations, all at once. Employers will be notified when a Mentor submits a worker, and then once accepted, they’ll be able to proceed with the next stages of recruitment by contacting the Mentor directly.

How do I login?

Once you've created an account, you'll be able to access your account via the Sidekicker website....

  1. Login to your account

How do I submit a request?

Once you've logged in, you'll have the option to either post a standard opportunity or post a vacancy request to the Partner Jobs Board...

  1. Navigate to the “Partner Requests” page

  2. Click “Create Vacancy

  3. Complete the form to send the request to all Employment Mentors

How do I review and accept submitted workers?

You'll receive an email notification when an Employment Mentor submits a worker...

  1. Select the desired worker from the list

  2. Review their details and resume if provided

  3. Contact the provider if you have any questions

  4. If you would like to proceed, click “Accept

  5. Provide any additional information the Mentor may need

  6. Once you click “Confirm”, the Mentor will be notified

How do I pass on a submitted worker?

If you're not interested in a submitted worker....

  1. Navigate to the undesired worker on the "Submitted" tab

  2. Click the "X" on the right hand side of their name to pass

  3. Alternatively, follow steps 1-3 as above, then select "Pass"

How do I complete a vacancy?

Once you’ve finalised employment and no longer need any more workers…

  1. Go to the vacancy

  2. Click “Close Vacancy

  3. Click "Confirm" to notify all Mentors and close the vacancy

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