What is the Partner Jobs Board?

The Partner Jobs Board is an extension of the Jobs Victoria Online Hub. that connects employers with mentors who help job seekers who experience disadvantage in the job market. This feature enables Employers to request, review, and hire workers from multiple Employment Mentors all in one place.

How does it work?


An Employer is a partnered business that is working with Jobs Victoria to help them hire Victorians, mainly from priority cohorts.

For Employers, the Partner Jobs Board enables them to request staff from various organisations, all at once. They can request, view, accept, and keep track of candidates from multiple Mentors, all in one place.

Employers will be notified when a Mentor submits a worker, and then once accepted, they’ll be able to proceed with the next stages of recruitment by contacting the Mentor directly.

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A Mentor is someone from various organisations working in partnership with Jobs Victoria to help disadvantaged job seekers get hired.

For Mentors, the Partner Jobs Board enables them to view requests from various Employers, submit workers and keep track of their progress, all in one place!

Mentors will be notified when an Employer submits a vacancy request, and then be able to put forward any suitable candidates for review.

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