For every friend you refer who works a horticulture shift 🌿 this summer we'll pay you both an extra $100!

We have so many shifts coming up and we'd love your help spreading the word and getting more Sidekicks onboard!

Shift eligibility:

  • Shifts can be completed anywhere in Australia

  • Shifts must be between 1 Dec 2021 and 31 Jan 2022 (Promotion Period)

  • Shifts must be posted to the following role types (Eligible Shifts):

    • Nursery worker

    • General Assistant

    • Forklift driver

What do I need to do to refer a friend?

If you are a current Sidekick, you can refer friends using the Sidekicker app.

  1. First click on your photo in the app

  2. Then click 'Refer a friend' and 'Share your link'

  3. You can share your referral link via text message, email or social media


  • Your friend (Referee) must sign up using your (Referrer) unique referral link.

  • The Referee must complete a shift through the Sidekicker platform

  • Both the Referee and Referrer (Referral Pairing) must have an active Sidekicker account to be eligible for the bonus. If either party has had their profile cancelled (e.g. for not meeting the reliability criteria), neither the Referee or Referrer will be eligible to receive the referral bonus.

  • Each referral pairing will only be paid 1x $100 (Referral Bonus) each.

  • Any Referral bonuses will be paid at the completion of the Promotion Period. Payment may be processed earlier at Sidekicker's discretion.

  • The Referral Pairing must each work a minimum of 10 hours within the Promotion Period to be eligible.

  • The Referrer may refer up to 5 unique Referees the duration of the Promotion Period for a maximum promotional discount total of $500, provided that such referrals are made only to direct friends, acquaintances or family and any unique Referral Promotion link is not published in any public place, whether online or otherwise, which could reasonably be seen by any person who is not a direct friend, acquaintance or family in Sidekicker's sole discretion.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, a Referrer may not refer themselves (i.e. by using separate email addresses for the Sidekicker accounts).

  • Sidekicker reserves the right to validate the eligibility of any Referee as otherwise necessary, and may determine any Referee or Referrer to be ineligible in its sole discretion.

  • Sidekicker reserves the right to refuse to pay any Referral Bonus.

  • Sidekicker reserves the right to amend the terms of the Referral Promotion, or cancel the Referral Promotion at any time without prior notice to either party.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, any reference to ‘$’ or ‘dollars’ refers to Australian dollars.

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