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How to make your application stand out to potential employers

Tips and tricks to creating a great application on the the Sidekicker Job Portal.

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How do I answer the opportunity questions?

Here are some recommendations on how to answer the opportunity questions and submit a great application;

  • Read the position description carefully before you apply.

  • Make note of skills and certificates that are included in the opportunity description. If you have any of these skills and certificates make sure you include this in your application. Include examples of how you have used these skills, if possible. For example;

Opportunity Description

Example application response

‘We are looking for someone with strong computer skills’

I have experience inputting data into Excel and creating detailed presentations on PowerPoint.

‘Successful candidate will have a valid Forklift License’

I have a valid Forklift License and have worked as a Forklift driver for the past 2 years.

‘Problem-Solving skills is a must in this role’

I am a strong problem solver. In my previous role, I successfully resolved scheduling conflicts by prioritising tasks and quickly communicating the changes to everyone involved.

‘Customer service skills’

I have worked in a customer-facing role for the past 2 years. In this role, I responded to customer enquiries via email and phone in a timely manner.

  • Take your time. Proofread or give it to someone else to read before you submit it to limit mistakes and make sure you put your best foot forward.

What if I do not have any work experience?

If you do not have any paid work experience, you can include any volunteer or educational experience you may have.

What if my work experience is not related to the roles I am applying for?

There are many skills that can be transferable between roles! Therefore when applying for job opportunities it is important to think about how your skills could be applied to the role.

For example, if the job requires customer service and you have customer experience in a different role or industry, you should mention you have that skill. Be sure to make it clear how it relates to this job.

Common skills;

  • Communication

  • Problem-solving

  • Customer service

  • Time management

  • Computer skills

  • Willingness to learn

  • Team player

Should I include a resume with my application?

When you submit an application on the Sidekicker Job Portal you will have the option to include your resume. Uploading a resume is optional, however, if the business has requested a resume make sure to upload it!

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