Sidekicker has work available across a number of industries, and to work in some of those industries you will need to own a specific uniform.

In particular, if you are wanting to work in front of house hospitality roles, we will need to sight that you have the correct uniform before we can give you access to those shifts.

This article will cover what those uniform requirements look like, and how to go about getting your uniform sighted and approved by our team.

Uniform Requirements

To work in front of house hospitality (such as F&B attendant and bar roles), you will need to own the following:

  • White, long-sleeved business shirt (black shirts are also accepted in New Zealand, but not in Australia)

  • Black, loose dress trousers (no jeans or leggings)

  • Black, plain leather shoes (no ballet flats, sneakers, boots, etc)

Note: Uniform requirements can differ across jobs, so be sure to check the job description in case a different uniform is required for your hospitality shift. Where the job does not specify uniform requirements, it is expected you will attend in the above uniform.

How does Sidekicker sight my uniform?

The best way to get your uniform sighted by our team is by taking a photo and uploading it to the Certificates section of your Sidekicker profile. Just follow these steps:

  1. Take a photo of your uniform. This can be:
    - A full-length photo of you wearing your uniform, or
    - A photo of your uniform laid out on a flat surface

  2. Log in to Sidekicker to edit your profile

  3. Scroll down the page until you find the Certificates section

  4. Upload your photo under ‘Uniform - Hospitality’

Once you have completed these steps our team will review your photo for approval. Alternatively, you can send your photo as an attachment via the blue chat bubble on Sidekicker and we will upload it to your profile for you!


Q: Why was my uniform photo rejected?

A: If your uniform photo cannot be accepted you will receive a notification via email letting you know why. The most common reasons for a uniform photo being rejected include:

  • Incorrect uniform

  • Missing items - e.g. business shirt and trousers included in the photo but no shoes

  • Poor photo quality/bad lighting (to the extent where we cannot sight your uniform properly)

Q: Are there specific uniform requirements for any other categories of work?

A: Hospitality, manual labour and warehousing are the only work categories where a certain uniform is required - this is due to industry standards.

If you are looking to work in other categories (such as events, promotions, retail, etc), you do not need to own a specific uniform as a prerequisite. However, you will need to adhere to the uniform requirements specified in the individual job descriptions.

Q: What are the presentation standards on a hospitality shift?

A: In addition to wearing the correct hospitality uniform to your shift, it is important to be well presented. This includes;

  • Tying hair into a slick bun

  • Maintaining facial hair (either clean shaved or a trimmed beard)

  • Covering visible tattoos

  • Removing facial piercings

  • Removing ear piercings (one pair of plain studs is acceptable)

  • Removing any nail polish and ensuring nails are clean and trimmed

  • Wearing minimal makeup (no bright lipstick or eye makeup)

Still have questions? Just reach out via the blue chat bubble on Sidekicker and our team will be happy to help with your query!

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