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How do I complete my Drug and Alcohol Test for Sidekicker?
How do I complete my Drug and Alcohol Test for Sidekicker?

How to complete a Drug and Alcohol test for certain Sidekicker shifts

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Drug and Alcohol Tests are not compulsory on the Sidekicker platform, however, some shifts may require you to complete one. If this is required for you, one of our team will reach out to let you know.

How do I complete a Drug and Alcohol Test?

  1. Book an appointment with Jobfit by calling 1300 61 61 65. You can click here to find a Jobfit location near you

  2. When booking your appointment, you will need to request an instant pre-employment urinary or oral fluid drug and alcohol test. This way, you'll receive your results faster, and it's cheaper than a lab test.

  3. Attend your appointment and complete your drug and alcohol test. Don't forget to bring a photo ID and avoid drinking too much water before your appointment. You can read more about this, and what to expect here

  4. As the test is instant, you should be sent your results on the day of your test. When you receive your results, you can upload it under the Drug and Alcohol Test certificate on your profile here, or forward it to our team at [email protected]

Please note, we can only accept negative results. If your result is positive or non-confirmatory we will not accept your test result

Do I have to do my test through Jobfit?

Completing your test through Jobfit is not compulsory. If you prefer, you can book an appointment with your local GP for a drug and alcohol test. You'll need to make sure the test satisfies Australian Standards AS/NZS 4308:2008 (urine), or AS/NZS 4760:2019 (oral fluid).

What is the difference between an instant test and a lab test?

Sidekicker requires you to complete an instant drug and alcohol test and you should mention this when booking. This means you will receive results on the same day as the test. Lab tests are about $20 more expensive and your results can take 3-4 days, depending on the pathology provider.

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