From 11:59pm AEST on Tuesday 17 August, workers are required to carry a Worker Permit and photo ID when travelling to and from work within Victoria.

In this article, we will address everything you need to know about Worker Permits, including what they are, when and how they will be issued, and what to do with yours once it is in your possession.

What is a Worker Permit?

A Worker Permit is a signed document issued by employers, which permits an employee to travel to and from work within Victoria under stage 4 restrictions.

Sidekicker will issue Worker Permits digitally, allowing you to store a copy on your mobile phone and/or print a copy to carry on your person.

What does Sidekicker need from me to issue my Worker Permit?

As your employer, Sidekicker is responsible for issuing your Worker Permit.

Once we have issued your Worker Permit, you will receive an email asking you to review and sign the document. This can be done electronically on your smartphone or a desktop, and needs to be completed prior to attending your shift.

Once you have signed the document, you will receive a second email containing your signed Worker Permit, which you will need to carry with you along with photo ID when travelling to and from work.

When will my Worker Permit be issued?

Anyone hired on an 'Active' shift as at 5:00pm AEST on Tuesday 17 August would have received a Worker Permit via email that same day.

After 5:00pm AEST on Tuesday 17 August, Worker Permits will be issued daily at 9pm for any Sidekicks who have been hired on a shift occurring the following day who are yet to receive a Worker Permit.

Note you will only receive one Worker Permit from Sidekicker which will be valid for all shifts occurring throughout Level 4 restrictions, including any new shifts you are hired on after receiving your Worker Permit. The Victorian Government has already confirmed it is fine to travel to and from work as long as you have the permit and your photo ID with you.

If you are hired on a shift after 9pm which commences before 9pm the following day, and you have not received a Worker Permit from Sidekicker previously, please contact us on 1800 662 894 so we can issue your permit.

What happens if I am stopped and need to verify my shift details?

You will need to present your Worker Permit and photo ID in instances where you are stopped by police on your way to or from work. If this occurs, you can verify your shift details by opening the Sidekicker app and showing them your 'Active' shift details.

If further verification is required, authorities can contact Sidekicker using the number provided on your Worker Permit.

Still have questions?

More information on Worker Permits can be found here but if you still have questions, please get in touch with our friendly Support team via the blue chat bubble.

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