Managing worker reliability
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We understand the importance of having the most reliable and experienced Sidekicks available to you. Sidekicker uses market leading technology to match the right jobs with the right Sidekicks faster and easier. Our reliability features will help you to:

  1. Save time and effort in your hiring process

  2. Secure the best Sidekicks from the Marketplace

  3. Improve worker reliability and performance

Transparent Sidekick reliability scores

Both you and our Sidekicks can view their individual reliability scores. This feature fosters an accountable Sidekick marketplace, giving you control and transparency to confidently select the best-suited and most reliable Sidekick for your requests.

Smart notifications for better matching

The most reliable and experienced Sidekicks are notified about your request first. This means that Sidekicks who have the most suited experience, live closest to your request and have the highest reliability scores will be notified and apply for your job first making it even quicker to hire the best Sidekick.

Better way to rate and review Sidekicks

We provide customers with predefined feedback categories when reviewing Sidekicks. This enhancement makes it even easier for you to provide feedback and for Sidekicker to consistently maintain a marketplace of high-quality Sidekicks.

Displaying the best Sidekick first on your request

Simplifying your hiring process even further! When Sidekicks apply for your job request they will automatically be sorted, showcasing the most reliable and experienced Sidekicks first. Effortless hiring at your fingertips!

We believe these new features make hiring on Sidekicker stress free, ensuring you're always connected to the most reliable and experienced Sidekicks for every request!

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