When you hire a Sidekick, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve locked in a reliable professional. Our no-show rate is roughly 0.5%, much lower than the industry average of 10%. In the world of casual staffing, however, it’s impossible to promise 100% reliability. Very occasionally, no-shows do happen. Thankfully, our support team is ready to spring into action when they do!

Our team of dedicated support staff are 24/7 to take your call.

You can reach us at [email protected] or by calling 1800 882 694 (Australia) or 0800 004 013 (NZ). 

The moment you let us know that your Sidekick hasn’t turned up, we will reopen the job and find you a replacement as soon as possible. Usually, we are able to have a replacement out within one hour of your phone call – it’s all about Plan B and don’t worry, we’re prepared! 

What happens to the Sidekick who stood me up?

Here at Sidekicker, we don’t ever make the same mistake twice. The Sidekick who didn’t turn up will be instantly deactivated and removed from the platform so that we maintain our reputation of having only the most reliable staff. 

What do I do if a Sidekick pulls out of a shift?

To ensure we have only the most reliable Sidekicks on the platform, we’ve enforced strict policies around withdrawals. Sidekicks must consistently attend their hired shifts and demonstrate their reliability, otherwise they risk being flagged and suspended. This means you can hire with the utmost confidence knowing that we have addressed any instances where a Sidekick may have shown to not be reliable.

In some instances, the Sidekick you selected may not be available to complete your job as originally intended. They might get sick, have a family or friend emergency or be limited by their working rights. When this happens, Sidekicks can withdraw directly through their app. Our dedicated support team will be notified of their withdrawal, and are ready to step in to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

When you began your Sidekicker journey, our business team asked how you’d like your withdrawals managed – whether you’re happy for us to select replacements for you or if you’d like to select your own replacements. What you chose will dictate the way we handle your withdrawals. 

What if I normally select my own replacements?

If you requested to select your own replacements, we will reopen the job and email you to flag that you’ll soon have a new pool of talented Sidekicks to select from. Our email will include the link to your job so that hiring a replacement Sidekick is just a few clicks away. Simple!

What if you select replacements for me?

If you are happy for us to select a replacement on your behalf, we will reopen the job and email you to let you know that we’re on the hunt for a superstar. Our team knows to select the best possible Sidekick who suits your job description and matches the skill level of the Sidekick who withdrew. You can breathe easy – our Sidekicks are top quality regardless of if they’re hired two weeks in advance or two hours! 

Once we’ve found you a stellar replacement, we will email you with their name, phone number and email address. Your job will also be updated with your new Sidekick’s details so you can jump online and check out their bio. 

What if my sidekick withdraws really close to the start time of my job?

We understand that you might not be available on email in the time leading up to your event – you’re busy and we totally get that! If a Sidekick withdraws from a shift within four hours of the start time, we will give you a call before emailing you. If we can’t get a hold of you, we may also try to contact the nominated job contact for that particular job (if it’s not you of course).

And don’t worry, whether we get a hold of you or not, we will be working hard to find you a replacement and make sure your job goes off without a hitch. We’ve got your back! 

What if my Sidekick contacts me directly to withdraw?

Your Sidekick knows our policies and should always reach out to us first. If for whatever reason they contact you to withdraw, you can advise them to reach out to Sidekicker directly. We’re here for you; you can handball that off to us!

How do I contact the support team?

Our team of dedicated support staff are available seven days a week:

You can reach us at [email protected] or by calling 1800 882 694 (Australia) or 0800 004 013 (NZ). 

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