How to hire Sidekicks
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Hiring has never been more straightforward! Sidekicker technology offers you complete transparency and control over your hiring decisions.

Once the required number of Sidekicks have applied for your request, you'll receive an email notification. It's now time to review and hire your favourite Sidekick.

How to hire Sidekicks

  1. Select the request in your ‘Requests’ dashboard

  2. Review Sidekicks who have applied to your request on ‘To review’ tab

  3. Select to ‘Hire’ or ‘Pass’ each Sidekick, sending them an automated notification of their application outcome.

Adding Sidekicks to your job

Looking to bring back a Sidekick you've worked with before? No problem! Confirm with the Sidekick they’re willing to and available to work, and you can directly add them to the job.

  1. Select the request in your ‘Requests’ dashboard

  2. Click the 3 dots for more options, and select ‘Add Sidekick’

  3. Sidekicks who have previously worked with you will show up on the dropdown list. Select the desired Sidekick, and click ‘Hire’. Sidekick will be automatically notified of the hire.

Once you’ve hired enough Sidekicks to fill your requirements, select ‘Finish hiring’ to close off the request.

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