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At Sidekicker, we pride ourselves for the quality and performance of our Sidekicks. To ensure the high standards are maintained, Sidekicker has strict expectations and internal policies about the behaviour of Sidekicks at shifts.

Sidekick Code of Conduct

Sidekicks are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner every time when dealing with host businesses, Sidekicks and Sidekicker Support staff.

If Sidekicker receives feedback related to a breach of the Sidekick Code of Conduct, such as unlawful behaviour, bullying, harassment, discrimination or intoxication, this will be investigated by Sidekicker and may lead to the deactivation of the Sidekick’s account.

Providing feedback and ratings

Sidekicker has a transparent rating and feedback system visible for the businesses on the platform. Upon completing a job, you are required to leave a star rating for the Sidekick, along with optional feedback publicly on the Sidekick’s account.

Providing ratings and feedback from your experience is instrumental to maintaining a high-quality Marketplace. Leaving positive feedback helps businesses to recognize and hire the best Sidekicks, and leaving constructive/negative feedback will help Sidekicker to track Sidekick quality and performance.

When Sidekick receives negative feedback or a star rating below 4 stars, Sidekicker will take measures to review Sidekick's suitability for the job or investigate any branch of our code of conduct.

You can also leave feedback privately to Sidekicker by going to 'Sidekicks' on your left navigation bar, clicking the three dots for more options on an individual Sidekick, and selecting 'Report quality issue'.

How to prevent a Sidekick from seeing your jobs

If you had a Sidekick onsite that you wish no longer to work with, you have the option to block the Sidekick. This means they will no longer see your requests, nor apply to them.

To block a Sidekick, either get in touch with our Support via the blue chat bubble or follow the below steps;

  1. Click ‘Sidekicks’ on the left navigation bar

  2. Search for the Sidekick you wish to block, and click on the 3 dots for more options

  3. Select ‘Block Sidekick’, choose the reason for blocking them, and click ‘Block’

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