Talent Pools allow you to save and organise your Sidekicks in groups and send shifts directly to them.

This means you can easily rehire the same Sidekicks over and over, and ensure you have the right staff working the right shifts.

What kind of Talent Pools can I set up?

It’s completely up to you how you set up your Talent Pools, and there is no limit to how many you can create.

Here are some ideas: 

  • By Category or Subcategory, ie Best Labourers, Best Bar Staff, Best Customer Service Reps

  • City-based, ie Melbourne Sidekicks, Sydney Sidekicks, Auckland Sidekicks 

  • Site-based (only applicable to clients with Sites activated) ie Venue 1, Venue 2, Venue 3

How do I set up a Talent Pool?

  1. Navigate to 'Talent Pools' on your dashboard

  2. Click ‘Create Talent Pool’ and enter the relevant information 

  3. Assign any relevant Sites to your Talent Pool, ie Brand Ambassadors in Sydney are accessible at your Sydney sites. 

  4. Search for the Sidekicks you want to add to your Talent Pool. You can also do this via the Your Sidekicks view in your dashboard when you click Manage Sidekick. 

Now your Talent Pools are set up, you can send shifts directly to the Sidekicks in that Talent Pool when you make your next request. 

You also have the option to automatically assign shifts to Sidekicks if you are happy to apply to 'first in, best dressed' principle. 

How do I remove Sidekicks from a Talent Pool? 

  • Click into the Talent Pool you want to remove a Sidekick from, find the Sidekick and click ‘Manage Sidekick.’

  • Here you have the ability to manage what Talent Pools a Sidekick is in. 

Other Talent Pool features

  • Add a Talent Pool to a Template, if you want the templated information to be sent to the same group of Sidekicks when you make a request. 

If you have any questions about Talent Pools, contact support. We are available Monday-Saturday between 5am-9pm, and Sunday 7am- 5pm AEST. 

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