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Hiring Sidekicks with 'auto hire'
Hiring Sidekicks with 'auto hire'
Updated over a week ago

What is auto hire

Auto hire feature allows Sidekicker to hire Sidekicks onto your request in ‘first in best dressed’ manner. Auto hire allows you to promptly fill your requests, even when posted at the last minute, without the need to review Sidekick applications on the platform.

How to use auto hire

  1. Click ‘Make a request’ and fill in the job details

  2. Tick ‘I want to auto-hire applicants as they apply’ to utilise the feature for your request, and click ‘Submit request’

  3. Sidekicker will send you email notifications of the hiring process, letting you know when the job has been filled. You can review hired Sidekicks on your request.

Still have questions or wish to enable the auto hire feature for your business?

Reach out via the blue chat bubble, we're always happy to help!

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