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How to setup request templates
How to setup request templates
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Streamline your workflow with request templates – a time-saving feature designed to simplify your hiring process.

Setting up templates for your common roles not only saves you time and effort but also allows you to create new requests effortlessly.

Some example template setups include:

  • Template by location & role (e.g. Sydney - Pick Packers, Melbourne - Pick Packers)

  • Template by role (e.g. Pick Packers, Forklift Drivers)

Setting up request templates

  1. Click your name, select ‘Request templates’, and click ‘Create template’

  2. Populate the details that will be consistent across your request, such as category and subcategory, job title, job details, attire instructions, and arrival details.

  3. Click ‘Create template’ and it’s ready to use at any time!

Using request templates

When making your next request, click 'Use template' and select the relevant template for the role you're posting.

The information saved into the template will be automatically populated.

Visit our Help Centre to learn more:

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