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How does the feedback/rating system work?
How does the feedback/rating system work?
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Feedback about a job from Sidekicks

After attending a shift, Sidekicks are prompted to enter their hours and leave a review of the job. The written feedback is only seen by the Sidekicker HQ. 

Feedback about a Sidekick

When a Sidekick completes a job on the platform, the client is able to leave a detailed review and a star rating out of 5. This rating will be publicly available on the Sidekick’s business along with any written feedback included in the review.

Positive Feedback

If you had a great experience using a Sidekick, we’d love for you to leave a detailed review about the job and the great qualities and skills the Sidekicks working with you displayed!

This helps other businesses in the future know what a great help your Sidekick could be.

Constructive Feedback

Though we do try to ensure that Sidekicks are well skilled and understand their professional expectations, if you do have a negative experience on the platform, we encourage you to either leave feedback on the issue on in the Sidekick’s review, or as a private review on a job.

A private review will be sent to Sidekicker HQ, and our team will review it internally and act on it accordingly.

When a Sidekick receives feedback below 4 stars, it is flagged by our internal team and acted on accordingly by either reviewing a Sidekicks skills, behaviour at the shift, or suitability for the job. If a Sidekick has found to have breached our code of conduct, no showed to a shift, or committed any illegal acts while at a shift, they will be removed from the platform. 

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