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What do I wear to a hospitality shift?
What do I wear to a hospitality shift?

What do clients expect me to wear?

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As a Sidekick it is your responsibility to ensure you are wearing the appropriate outfit for all shifts in Hospitality. This includes roles like F&B Attendant, Wait Staff and Bar Staff

Clients are given an outline of uniform standards that we expect our Sidekicks to adhere to. This ensures that they know exactly what uniform their Sidekicks will be wearing and also gives you a set guideline to follow. 

We also encourage you to read the job description to confirm which uniform the client wants you to wear as the requirements can vary from shift to shift.

The following is Industry Standard for Hospitality Uniforms:

White shirt (or black if requested)
Long sleeve, button down (fully from the neck down), ironed white shirt.
The shirt must be tucked into your trousers.

Black Trousers
Black loose suit trousers. Must be full length and cover your ankles.
NO tight pants, jeans, or leggings, unless specified in the job description. 

Black, closed-toe and plain leather shoes.
Must be clean, polished, and comfortable as you will be on your feet.
NO ballet flats, sneakers, coloured stitching, boots, Doc Martens, heels, etc.

Hair & Grooming
Ensure your hair is clean and tied in a bun. Neat facial appearance - neck & facial hair should be clean-shaven or trimmed neatly.

Additional Requirements: 

If you wear a belt, please ensure the belt is plain and black with no embellishments
Cover visible tattoos
Remove facial piercings
No ear piercings except for 1 plain pair of studs
Nails must be cleaned, trimmed, and have no nail polish
No bright lipstick or eye makeup

If you adhere to above requirements you will have no problems with any of the clients' expectations on Sidekicker! 

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