Why has my job expired?
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The sooner you hire the Sidekicks on your request the better - the best Sidekicks are booked up quickly!

The Sidekicker platform follows job countdown and expiry rules to keep the relevant requests on the top of the Sidekicks feed.

When to hire Sidekicks

Once your request goes live on the platform, Sidekicks will be notified and will be able to apply.

You'll receive an email notification once you've reached the desired number of Sidekicks, and you will have 72 hours to complete the hiring process. You will always see a countdown timer on your request to show you to keep track of the time.

What happens if hiring hasn't commenced

We understand hiring may sometimes take time, however, we don't want you to miss out on the great applications on your request.

If no Sidekicks are hired within 72 hours of receiving applications, your request will expire and no more Sidekicks can apply for it.

What happens if there are no applications

Typically, applications are received within the first 3 hours of your request going live. Your job remains open for 72 hours, and if no applications are received during this period, your request will expire as it's unlikely for Sidekicks to apply afterward.

What to do if the request has expired

The good news is - you can always post a new request! You can repost the same request by using 'Post similar' feature, or post a new request by clicking 'Make a request'.

Still have questions, or need more than time to complete hiring?

Reach out via the blue chat bubble, we're always happy to help!

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